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---  NEWS  ---  JANUARY 2001  ---  NEWS  ---
30 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
Misc Files
DDump Update CD Media World
The latest DDump v1.10� to has been added the CD/DVD Utilities page @ CD Media World!

New Features/Updates:

  • Added option DUMMYFILES for CDs with damaged dummyfiles (e.g. MB Truck Racing)
  • Improved compatibility for non-MMC drives
  • Greatly improved jitter correction, some bugfixes of bugs introduces in 1.09
  • Made code more compatible with non-MMC drives.
  • Fixed some bugs relating to Plextor drives.
CD/DVD Utilities/Updates CD Media World
CD/DVD Utilities:
  • DiscJuggler 3.00.762
  • Feurio! 1.57�
  • Nero Burning Rom
  • RSJ CD-Writer 2.01 [WinNT]�
Console Backup World
Currently the servers of Console Backup World are being upgraded as the old ones are getting too small, so expect some downtime during this upgrade! Everything should be up-and-running by the end of the day!
28 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
FAKE Diablo 2 v1.04 BATTLE.NET Patch Game Index
Last week the following patch was released: Diablo 2 v1.04 [ALL] BATTLE.NET Play Fix
This file is a FAKE which only modifies the windows registry so Diablo 2 will look for this server: diablo2.web.za

This is the affected windows registry key:

   [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II]

We don't know exactly if this fake was used to get CD-keys or passwords from valid players as diablo2.web.za is currently not working... So if you have installed the patch go into the windows registry (using RegEdit) and remove the diablo2.web.za entry just in case!

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27 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
PlayBackup - SecuROM & SafeDisc v2 Tool! GameFix
GameFix has posted Playbackup v2.1 from CrazyCowz which can be used to play SecuROM & the latest SafeDisc v2 protected games from a backup CD! It works similar to DAEMOn Tools but this tool works in combination with CloneCD!

PlayBackup does not crack the application, it alters the CD Protection delivered from the CD-ROM "on the fly":

  • SecuROM Patch:
    If the application tries to read subchannel data from the CD-ROM, the PlayBackup driver delivers altered data. Result: The copy will be identified as an original.
  • Hide CD-Writer Patch:
    When the application checks, if the inserted media is a CD-R or CD-RW, the PlayBackup driver will always deliver "This is a pressed, silver CD". Result: Backups will run from CD-Writers and combo drives.
  • SafeDisk v2 Patch:
    This is the really cool one. As a lot of writers can't write special "SafeDisk2 Sectors", PatchImage replaces these sectors with "literal descriptions" of the sector content. These replacement sectors can be written by all writers.
    When playing the backup, the PlayBackup driver converts these sectors to the original content. Result: The backup will run!
Console BackupWorld News Console BackupWorld
PlayStation Patches
  • Harvest Moon [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Looney Tunes Racing [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • AeroDive [PSX/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch
  • Championship Surfer [PS1/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch & License Fix
  • Dragonball GT Final Bout [PS1/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch & License Fix
  • Ducati World [PS1/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch & License Fix
  • Incredible Crisis [PS1/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch & License Fix
  • Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure [PS1/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch & License Fix
  • Persona 2 [PS1/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch & License Fix
PlayStation 2 Patches
  • RC Revenge Pro [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
  • Ridge Racer 5 [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
  • Smugglers Run [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
  • Tekken Tag Tournament [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
  • Time Splitters [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
23 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
  • Added the No-CD for: Giants : Citizen Kabuto v1.01 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks dARWIN.
  • Added the No-CD for: Longest Journey v1.0 [SPANISH] (PC)  - Thanks CybBlade.
  • Added the No-CD for: Nox & Nox Quest v1.2 [ENGLISH] (PC) - Thanks Gammadragon.
  • Added the No-CD for: Nox v1.2a/b [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks yoda/f2f.
  • Added the No-CD for: Technomage v1.02 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks Nemesis.
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: TV Star v1.0 [FRENCH] (PC) - Thanks blairfancy.
  • Added the updated No-CD for: X-Tension v2.0 [ENGLISH/GERMAN] (PC) / - Thanks BugHUNTER.
Misc Files
unSafeDisc & DAEMON Tools Updates! GameFix
GameFix has posted unSafedisc v2.05.30 from r!sc & DAEMON Tools V2.47a from VeNoM386.

unSafeDisc v2.0.30 v1-v1.05 Updates:

  • WinNT/2k 'dumper bug' / 'random error' found & fixed
  • Safedisc 'level 5' api doesn't unwrap under win2k here.. (alice.exe)
  • no cd required for dll or exe
  • tiny bug fix for delta force land warrior
  • fixed breakpoint timing bug in 'exe' api code (actually rewrote the code to be more 'friendly') works 15/15 times with alice.exe now (instead of 8/15 times)
  • Fixed bug in exe multiple crypted code chunk code thingy
  • support added for multiple crypted code chunks (safedisc api) for *.exe/*.dll .
  • multiple api thingy only tested with *.dll, don't have *.exe using multiple crypted code chunks
  • dumper/rebuilder coded and tested using win98se . should be 95/nt/2k/me compatible ..

DAEMON Tools Updates:

  • Fixed a bug in daemon.sys causing a crash when trying to uninstall under Windows 2000.
  • Preliminary Safedisc 2.0 support for non-perfect copies (see info on our Homepage) - emulation of bad sectors and pregap.
  • Laserlok support of non-perfect copies added.
  • Enhanced Securom support. Securom crash problem (especially in Diablo2) on some CDROMs fixed.
  • Support for last Safedisc 1.0 loader (e.g. used in AoE 2: Conquerors) added.
21 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
Console BackupWorld News DC CopyWorld
Dreamcast Patches
  • Fighting Vipers 2 [DC/JAP/NTSC] +16 Trainer
  • Ready 2 Rumble [DC/US/NTSC] Selfboot Fix
  • Sega GT [DC/US/NTSC] Internet Fix
  • Sonic Adventure [DC/US/NTSC] Internet Fix
PlayStation Patches
  • Blade [PSX/GERMAN/PAL] +6 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Metal Slug X [PSX/JAP/NTSC] +6 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Puzzle Star Sweep [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Ducati World Racing [PSX/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch
  • Kart Racer [PSX/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch
  • Lion King: Simbas Mighty Adventure [PSX/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch
  • Road to Eldarado [PSX/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch
PlayStation 2 Patches
  • F1 Championship Season 2000 [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
  • SSX Snowboarding [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
20 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
Misc Files
CD/DVD Utilities/Updates CD Media World
CD/DVD Utilities:
  • CDmage 1.01.3
  • CDR Identifier 1.62
  • CloneCD Database Live Update
  • Dart CD-Recorder 4.0.30
  • DiscJuggler 3.00.757
  • Feurio! 1.56�
  • Hotburn 2.1.5
  • WinAmp 2.72
16 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
Misc Files
PatchFX Update
Added PatchFX v1.30 - Thanks Perfx!

The new version includes some handy new features for the more experienced cracker (not to forget search and replace patches) and a help file.

14 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
Misc Files
Console BackupWorld News DC CopyWorld
Dreamcast Patches
  • Jet Grind Radio [DC/US/NTSC] Internet Fix & Costume Change
  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 [DC/US/NTSC] Save Bug Fix
PlayStation Patches
  • Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers [PSX/US/NTSC] +1 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Gold & Glory: Road to Eldorado [PSX/US/NTSC] NTSC-2-PAL Patch
  • Gun Balina [PSX/JAP/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Persona 2 [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Spyro 3 [PSX/EURO/PAL] 100% Protection Fix & +3 Trainer
  • Turbo Boxing [PSX/JAP/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
PlayStation 2 Patches
  • Dynasty Warriors 2 [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
  • Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 [PS2/EURO/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
  • X-Squad [PS2/UK/PAL] Swap Trick Patch
10 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
  • Added the No-CD for: Alarm f�r Cobra 11 v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC) - bUd and Wichtel (wArEzGoDz).
  • Added the No-CD for: America: No Peace Beyond The Line v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC) - bUd and Wichtel (wArEzGoDz).
  • Added the No-CD for: Opposing Force v1.1.0.4 [FRENCH] (PC) - The French Cracker.
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Diablo 2 v1.04c [US/ENGLISH] (PC) / - Thanks Lord Crass.
  • Added the No-CD for: Fargate v.117 [UK] (PC) - Sponge UK.
  • Added the No-CD for: NHL 2001 v1.03 [ENGLISH] (PC) - Andrew.
  • Added the No-CD for: Submarine Titans v1.10 [GERMAN] (PC) - Schmudo.
Misc Files
Last weekend Bill Gates showcased the long awaited Xbox at the CES in Las Vegas, demonstrating 2 game demos: Munch's Oddysee & Malice

A few months ago Microsoft showed a silver colored, X shaped console design but in the end Microsoft has opted for a more conventional back-box design, which brings back memories of the original Sega Saturn & the current Sega Dreamcast!

The front of the Xbox is kept simple, showing 4 controller slots, a power button, and a large CD eject button. The back of the Xbox shows a fan, an audio/video output similar to the DC & PS2, a power cable connection and an Ethernet port for instant broadband access.

The console design may seem similar to a variety of past & current console systems, but the controller will look incredibly familiar to Dreamcast gamers, especially the button arrangement and shape of the Xbox gamepad is exactly the same.

Xbox Console
[Click to Enlarge]


Xbox Controller
[Click to Enlarge]

Xbox Controller features:

  • Eight-way D-pad, similar to the Sidewinder design
  • Two analog sticks
  • Two shoulder triggers (not pictured) 
  • Six pressure-sensitive analog buttons
  • Dual slots for memory cards and other peripherals (not pictured)
  • Built in rumble ability
  • 9.5 foot cord

The cord length, rumble feature and analog buttons all point to the PlayStation 2 controller, but overall the look is striking in its resemblance to Sega's Dreamcast gamepad.

The Xbox still has a release date of "2001" but knowing Microsoft this "date" will be moved further in the future for sure!

7 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
Console BackupWorld News DC CopyWorld
Dreamcast Patches
  • Evil Dead: Hail to the King [DC/US/NTSC] VGA-Box Fix
  • Metropolis Street Racer [DC/EURO/PAL] Online/Browser Fix
  • Pop 'n Music 2 [DC/JAP/NTSC] RGB Fix
  • Pop 'n Music 4 Append Disc [DC/JAP/NTSC] RGB Fix
  • Speed Devils Online Racing [DC/US/NTSC] 60Hz Fix
  • Vanishing Point [DC/US/NTSC] +6 Trainer
Dreamcast GD-ROM Ripping Software! DC CopyWorld
A Japanese guy called Bero contacted us with some VERY exciting news that he has developed a working solution, called DreamRip, which can rip the data & audio tracks from a Dreamcast GD-ROM to an ISO image using a PC-DC serial cable!

Because a serial port is being used it can take up to 1 full day to download an 1 GB GD-ROM at 115kbps to your PC!

6 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
  • Added the No-CD for: Aquarium v1.0 [ENGLISH] (PC) - Dave.
  • Added the No-CD for: Brood War v1.08 ALPHA [ENGLISH] (PC) - Pepper.
  • Added the No-CD for: Championship Manager 00/01 v3.81 [ENGLISH] (PC) - KPN.
  • Added the No-CD for: C&C: Red Alert 2 v1.003 [ENGLISH] (PC) - Thanks KPN.
  • Added the No-CD for: Deer Hunter 4 v1.1 [ENGLISH] (PC)  - Thanks Swilly.
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Diablo 2 v1.04c [US/ENGLISH] (PC) / - Thanks Lord Crass & Ren.
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Console BackupWorld News Console BackupWorld
PSX Patches
  • 007 Racing [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • 102 Dalmations [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Bomberman Land Deluxe [PSX/JAP/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Bombing Islands [PSX/EURO/PAL] +1 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Surf Riders [PSX/UK/PAL] +1 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
CD Media World CD Media World
Have a look at the very interesting articles CD Media World is currently featuring:
  • The New CD Copy Protection...
    The SafeDisc v2 protection has been out for a few months now and still there is a lot of confusion about which CD-Writer is capable of making a working backup...
  • DVD Video Recording
    Philips is currently advertising it's DVD+RW technology which will replace the VCR. The DVD+RW discs which are being used are dual-sided with a capacity of 4.7 GB per side and which can be played on ANY DVD-ROM or Consumer DVD Player...
4 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
CD/DVD Utilities/Updates CD Media World
CD/DVD Utilities:
  • CDRWIN 3.8D [03-01-01]
  • CloneCD Database
  • DirectCD 3.03
  • EasyCD Creator 4.03
  • Feurio! 1.54�
  • IsoBuster 0.99.6
  • Nero Burning Rom
  • NTI CD-Maker 2000 4.2.65
1 January 2001
Patches & Fixes Game Index
Console BackupWorld News Console BackupWorld
PSX Patches
  • 007 Racing [PSX/US/NTSC] +13 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Colin McRae Rally 2 [PSX/EURO/PAL] +1 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Chicken Run [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • DX Monopoly [PSX/JAP/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Evil Dead 2 [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Kamen Rider Kuga [PSX/JAP/NTSC] +12 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Pocket Jiman [PSX/JAP/NTSC] Protection Fix
  • Ready 2 Rumble 2 [PSX/EURO/PAL] +12 Trainer & PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Sheep [PSX/EURO/PAL] +1 Trainer
  • The Helicopter [PSX/JAP/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 [PSX/US/NTSC] PAL/NTSC Selector
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