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---  NEWS  ---  MARCH 1999  ---  NEWS  ---

30-03-99 Game Selector
A few people send in e-mail that they were missing older games from the list on the left. They are still there but they have been moved to the Game Selector as the list was getting a bit long! Just press the Pull-Down button, next to the "--- Select a Game ---" box, to get the full list. If this is not working for you just let me know.
29-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Pizza Syndicate v1.02 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks RAZOR'99.
  • Added the No-CD for: Powerslide v1.0 [EURO] (PC)  - Thanks Michel.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Silver v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks sHINE.
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Silver v1.0 [ENGLISH] (PC) - Thanks sHINE.
  • Added another Fixed EXE for: Silver v1.0 [ENGLISH] (PC)
  • Added the No-CD for: Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons (PC)
28-03-99 Patches & Fixes
27-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Worms: Armageddon [US] (PC)  - Thanks Alex.
  • Added the No-CD for: Heretic 2 v1.04 (PC)  - Thanks GiZmO.
  • Added the No-CD for: Tank Racer v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks #DemolitionWarez.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Rainbow Six v1.04 [SPANISH] (PC)  - Thanks KeopS.
26-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the 1:1 CD-Copy for: Actua Soccer 3 (PC)
  • Added the Play Fix for: Redline (PC) - Thanks Santos & Fred Feuerstein.
RAR Archives
A few people have complained about RAR archives not working but ALL RAR files are 100% ok! Just make sure to use a recent unRAR package like WinRAR 95 v2.05.
24-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Play Fix for: Silver (PC) - Thanks Razor 99, TH, Snuggles, dIRTY hARRY, EmGee, Smartie & Michael.
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: PC Calcio 7 [ITALIAN] (PC) - Thanks Michele & Jon Jon.
22-03-99 Patches & Fixes
21-03-99 Patches & Fixes
X-Brain Update
Added the Update for: X-Brain 2.4.1019 Universal Patcher & Serial Add-On (PC) - Thanks Huckleberry Hawk.

This Patcher is also a very handy tool to create game patches which are much easier to distribute then Fixed Executables which usually tend to be very big!

20-03-99 Patches & Fixes
CD Protections Update
Added the new ?-Dilla/Macrovision SafeCast CD Protections page.
18-03-99 Generic SafeDisc v1.2 Patch
Laxity released Generic SafeDisc v1.2 patch which should fix the Blue-Screen bug.
BlindRead v2.02 Update
BlindRead v2.02 [FRENCH/ENGLISH/GERMAN/ITALIAN/DUTCH] is a tool which is able to copy files from a CD which contain unreadble errors. It now can also copy a complete CD to harddisk, including hidden directories! It is especially usefull for CD's which are protected with the LaserLock protection! - Thanks bidouill.
17-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Protection Fix for: RollerCoaster Tycoon v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)   - Thanks CrackMaster & Schulz
CD Protections Update
Updated to the CD Protections page, added how some protections can be detected and some info on the Sega Dreamcast GD-ROMs
15-03-99 Patches & Fixes
14-03-99 Patches & Fixes
13-03-99 Patches & Fixes
12-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Die Siedler v1.27 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks TWD.
  • Added the No-CD for: Alpha Centauri v1.0 & v2.0 [US] (PC)
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Wages of SiN (PC)    - Thanks Martin.
11-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Anno 1602 v1.03 & v1.04 [GERMAN] (PC)
  • Added the No-CD for: Shogo 1.0 & 2.0 [US] (PC)
  • Added the Protection Fix for: SuperBike 1.0 [ITALIAN] (PC)
StarWars Episode 1 Trailer B
For the SW1 freaks: a few hours ago the second trailer was released, the Lucas Arts site is totally unreachable so goto Countdown to Star Wars to get the mirror list!
10-03-99 Patches & Fixes - One of the most requested lately!
  • Added the Protection Fix for: South Park [US] (PC)    - Thanks QWERTY.
09-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus [SPANISH] (PC)    - Thanks KeopS.
  • Added the No-CD for: SIN v1.03 (PC)    - Thanks Martin.
07-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD + Blood Fix for: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks RAZOR'99.
    - This Version shows all the brutality, the makers of the german version wanted to hide. YEAH! It could be a BLOODY Day!!!
06-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Kurt v1.12 [GERMAN] (PC)   - Thanks RAZOR'99.
Generic SecurROM R5 v5.1 Patch
Laxity released Generic SecuROM R5 v5.1 patch which removes the CD Protection for Alpha Centauri, Simcity 3000 & Turok 2: Seeds of Evil [GERMAN] - Thanks aNIMALo/Laxity!
04-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Kurt v1.11 [GERMAN] (PC)   - Thanks RAZOR'99.
  • Added the Crack Tutorial for: Kurt v1.11 [GERMAN] (PC)   - Thanks RAZOR'99.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Army Men II (PC)  - Thanks TDS.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Alpha Centauri [ENGLISH] (PC)  - Thanks TDS.
03-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy/CD-Info for: Pro Boarder v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)   - Thanks Viper [ECS] & Per.
  • Added the No-Protect for: Railroad Tycoon II v1.05 [US/EURO] (PC)   - Thanks Antille.
WWW Forum
Again the WWW Forum was closed... So we'll now try it at another server. Join the GameCopyWorld WWW Forum for all your questions (& hopeful some answers).
02-03-99 Patches & Fixes
Generic Cops CopyLock II Patcher
Added the Generic Cops CopyLock II Patcher - Thanks Brain.
01-03-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Dark Vengeance v1.0 [SPANISH] (PC)   - Thanks KeopS.
    - Should also work with the UK, GERMAN, FRENCH & ITALIAN version!
  • Added the Fixed CAB for: Tombraider 3 v1.1 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks Plik.
  • Added the No-CD for: Thunder Brigade [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks Orion/BlackBurners.
  • Added the No-CD for: Ashgan v1.0 (PC)   - Thanks Orion/BlackBurners.
  • Added another No-CD for: S.C.A.R.S. v1.0 (PC)
Beta Generic SecuROM & SafeDisc Patchers Removed
On request of the Laxity guys the Generic SecuROM R5 v5.0 BETA & Generic SafeDisc v1.1 Update have been removed as they were NOT intented to be released. They both are BETA versions which are not ready yet!
BlindRead v2.01 Update
BlindRead v2.01 - Now also with GERMAN language support - Thanks bidouill.
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