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---  NEWS  ---  JUNE 1999  ---  NEWS  ---

30-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Fixed EXE/CD-Info for: Kingpin v1.0 [ENGLISH] (PC)  - Thanks mindr4pe (from p a y b a c k p r o d u c t i o n s).
  • Added the No-CD for: Outcast v1.0 [UK] (PC) - Thanks S810.
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Descent 3 v1.0 [US/ENGLISH] (PC)  - Thanks Hacker.

  • Added the Fixed No-CD for: Warzone 2100 v1.05 [ALL] (PC) - Thanks Rancor.
  • Added the 1:1 CD-Copy for: Rage of Mages 2 v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks NoWhere�99.
  • Added another CD-Copy for: NFS 4 v1.0 [ENGLISH/GERMAN] (PC) - Thanks JaGGeR.
  • The No-CD instructions for Outcast v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC) also work fine for the FRENCH version - Thanks Eric.
Mirror Info 
The server problems we were having with the MegaGames.COM & JoshG.COM servers are fixed. Both server are available again!
Message to EE/BR Fuck Factory, you didn't give me a valid e-mail address... bit hard to reach you!
28-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Warzone 2100 v1.05 [ALL] (PC) - Thanks Tamagochi42 & Rancor.
  • Added the No-CD for: X-Wing Alliance v2.02 [ALL] (PC)  - Thanks VTeC/Laxity.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Dungeon Keeper 2 v1.0 [UK] (PC)  - Thanks Spliffhead
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Outcast v1.0 [UK] (PC) - Thanks Spliffhead
27-06-99 Patches & Fixes
CD Protections Update 
Updated the CD Protection page.

Received an E-Mail from Bidouill, the creator of BlindRead, which stated that he was getting a lot of e-mail asking why BlindRead is not able to copy the Dummy Files on certain game CDs. For now BlindRead does NOT support copying these files but in the next release this will be (together with some very nifty features!). No release date has been set on this version.

PSX BackupWorld 
At the moment MegaGames.COM, where our PSX BackupWorld site is located, is experiencing server problems. The PSX BackupWorld has been temporarily moved here!
26-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Outcast v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks EmGee & EE/BR Fuck Factory.
25-06-99 Patches & Fixes
Mailing List 
If you want to stay up-to-date with the news here at GameCopyWorld then it is possible to add yourself to our Mailing List. Already about 4000 people have joined the list already!
It is totally free and you can remove yourself at any time you wish. And to put your mind at rest: We will ONLY send you an e-mail concerning the GameCopyWorld and nothing else!
24-06-99 Patches & Fixes
23-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: X-Wing Alliance v2.02 [ALL] (PC)  - Thanks Saint.
  • Added the No-CD for: SW E1: Racer [ITALIAN] (PC)  - Thanks Stefano.
  • Added another No-CD for: Blood 2 v2.0/2.1 [US] (PC)
Broken File Links
The JOSHG.COM Mirror is still not available but actions have been taken and all files are available again from another mirror!
21-06-99 Patches & Fixes
GameCopyWorld Mirror Update
We are proud to announce our first ASIAN GameCopyWorld Mirror. The mirror site is located in Taiwan - Thanks Achiang!
PSX Backup World News 
Here is the latest news for the PSX Backup World:
  • New Bleem! Beta
    The latest  Bleem! Beta v1.2 b2 has been released.
  • Bleem! 1.0 PFF Fix
    The Bleem! v1.0 v22016 PFF Fix is an updated version of the UCF release. It removes another protective infinite loop & the .sara sections has been eliminated.
  • Anti-Mod Protected Games:
    • Gungage
    • Lord of Monsters [SCEI/JAP]
    • Exceed My Corpse [SCEI/JAP]
  • Anti-Mod Game Codes:
    • Lord of Monsters
    • Ore No Shikabane
DNS Problems 
For the last few days the whole internet is experiencing problems with DNS. This results that the JOSHG.COM mirror site is unreachable for now. Let's hope it will be fixed tomorrow! 
20-06-99 Patches & Fixes
PC Welt
The GameCopyWorld has been featured in the July 1999 issue of the German magazine PC Welt.

The URL & picture of the Important Notice page can be seen in their Tips & Tricks: So brennen Sie CDs richtig article.

Click the picture to read the original article (in German) [392 KB]

Thanks Pedro & SWENSKE for mentioning it and to the original writer of the article!

19-06-99 Patches & Fixes
GameCopyWorld Mirror Site Update
We now have a new GameCopyWorld Mirror site available in Canada - Thanks Mike!

The Utilves.com Mirror will be offline until further notice because of the Microsoft bullsh*t going around. For now everything has been fixed.

17-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD/CD-Copy for: F22 Lightning 3 v1.0 [US] (PC)  - Thanks John.
X-Brain Update
Here is the latest release of X-Brain v2.7.1133 r2 - Thanks FIRE-BALL.

X-Brain is a VERY complete Patch-Installer & Standalone Patch-Creator package which is DOS based. As it seems this will be changed very soon as the creators of X-Brain & PatchFX have combined forces to convert X-Brain to windows!

Might & Magic 7
It has been confirmed that Might & Magic 7 works using the Generic SafeDisc Patch v3.1.
16-06-99 Generic SafeDisc Patch Update
Laxity released the latest Generic SafeDisc Patch v3.1 which by-passes the CD Protection in the latest SafeDisc protected games.

The previous version only seemed to work with SCSI drivers. This version fixes this problem and it now also should works with IDE drives!

14-06-99 Bleem! v1.1 Update
The Bleem! v1.1b2 Beta has been promoted to the v1.1 FULL Release version. No need to download the v1.1 version if the v1.1b2 is already installed.

For now only the fixed Bleem! v1.0 will remain available at PSX BackupWorld until a newer fixed version is released!

Gfx Artists Needed!
Are you good with graphics and want to support the GameCopyWorld then this is your chance! We are in dire need for some banners & buttons (468x68 pixels banner & 88x32 pixels button) and anything would be very welcome!
Patches & Fixes
13-06-99 Patches & Fixes
12-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added No-CD for: SW E1: The Phantom Menace v1.0 [FRENCH] (PC)  - Thanks Static Vengeance.
  • Added CD-Copy for: Silver v1.0 [DUTCH] (PC)  - Thanks Dr.Byte.
11-06-99 Patches & Fixes
09-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the Fixed EXE for: Need For Speed 4 v1.0 [US] (PC)  - Thanks Slayer'99.
  • Added the No-CD for: Warzone 2100 v1.04 [ALL] (PC) - Thanks Tamagochi42.
CD-Cops Decrypter v0.9 Beta
Added the CD-Cops Decrypter v0.9 Beta to the CD Protection page.

CD-Cops Decrypter is a tool which is able to remove the protection from a CD-Cops protected application. Not all versions of the CD-Cops protection are supported yet so any kind of feedback is very welcome and can be send to:  mcLallo

GameCopyWorld GFX
As you already figured we are not really good graphics artists, if you are and you want to make something then this is very welcome! We especially need a 468x68 pixel banner & 88x32 pixels button which we need for banner exchanges with other sites.
Connection Problems...
For the last few hours the GameCopyWorld & CD Media World could not be reached because of a crashed harddisk in the server which is hosting the Domain-Name.
07-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: Powerslide v1.0-1.04 [ALL] (PC)  - Thanks Static Vengeance.
  • Added the No-CD for: Expendable v1.0 [SPANISH] (PC)  - Thanks SPAWN.
  • Added the No-CD for: Blood 2 v2.1 [US] (PC)  - Thanks Lord Crass.
  • Added the CD-Copy/No-CD for:  JW2: Cueball v1.02 (PC) - Thanks Kilby.
  • Added the CD-Copy for:  Puma Street Soccer v1.0 (PC) - Thanks Christos.
  • Added another No-CD for:  Warzone 2100 v1.03 (PC)
  • Added the No-CD for:  Baldur's Gate: TotSC v1.3.5508 (PC)
  • Added the No-CD for:  Fallout 2 v1.02 [UK] (PC)
06-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the CD-Copy for: SW E1: Racer v1.0 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks Viper [ECS].
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Wet Attack v1.01 [GERMAN] (PC)  - Thanks SPEEDWOLF.
  • Added the No-CD for: Blood 2 v2.1 [US] (PC)  - Thanks Cobol.
  • Added the No-CD for: Resident Evil 2 v1.0 [SPANISH] (PC)  - Thanks SPAWN.
  • Added the No-CD for: Shogo v1.02 [SPANISH] (PC)  - Thanks SPAWN.
  • Added the No-CD for: O.D.T v1.0 [SPANISH] (PC)  - Thanks SPAWN.
Static Vengeance Patches:
Download Failures...
We are getting a lot of e-mails which state that certain file-links are corrupted. but ALL files are 100% working. Use Go!Zilla to download the files as this program is able to resume cancelled downloads and best of all: IT IS FREE!
05-06-99 Patches & Fixes
PatchFX 1.10 Update
PatchFX is an windows utility which is able to create a standalone patch by comparing two executables. The generated patch also has a windows interface.


  • The PatchFX.EXE patch is much smaller as it is rewritten in C.
  • RTF support - Enhance the Description & Readme Text files.
  • Icon support - Add your own Icon.
GameCopyWorld Mirror Sites
Until now the GameCopyWorld Mirror Sites were not updated on a daily basis, this has been changed and as of today ALL mirrors will be automatically synchronized EVERY hour.
04-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD/Tut for: Sci-Fi Pinball v1.0 (PC)  - Thanks Static Vengeance.
Hacking Attempt...
Someone as been trying to get access codes for this domain. The only thing the f*cker didn't think of that he left his signature behind when trying to do so. My provider has given me the full account information of this loser who is located in The Hague - The Netherlands (using a BART.NL account). So I know where to go next time it happens as we got all the information we need!
03-06-99 Patches & Fixes
Generic SafeDisc Patch version 3.02
The Generic SafeDisc Patch 3.02 does seem to work for Star Trek: Birth of the Federation.
Macrovision Signs Copy Protection Agreement with Microsoft
Macrovision announced that Microsoft has signed a two-year agreement to use Macrovision's SafeDisc PC CD Copy Protection. Under the agreement, Microsoft will use SafeDisc on a wide variety of educational, games, and personal finance software distributed worldwide. Read on here.
02-06-99 Patches & Fixes
  • Added the No-CD for: SW E1: Racer v1.0 [ENGLISH] (PC)  - Thanks Static Vengeance.
  • Added the CD-Copy for: Rage (PC)  - Thanks TDS.
Generic SafeDisc Patch version 3.02
Laxity has done it again, they managed to create another Generic SafeDisc Patch which should by-pass the CD Protection in the latest SafeDisc protected games:

Keep in mind that this patch will only work on a few new SafeDisc protected games as �-Dilla will counteract this patch as soon as possible!

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